PolYHero Dice Games

Knight Fight

Knight Fight is a game designed specifically for the PolyHero Warrior Set. Use your weapons, gauntlets and shields, to win an exciting duel between mighty knights. 

The game requires at least two sets of PolyHero Warrior dice, in your choice of colors, and features 24 cards (8 Knights with Squires, 6 Magic Items, 5 Battle Royale cards, and 5 Rules/Reference cards). 


Calling all designers

We'd love to create more games in the PolyHero Dice Games series. If you are a game designer, we're taking submissions for games that use the Warrior Set, and the new upcoming Wizard Set. The general goal is that a PolyHero game must use the dice, be compact and quick to play, and feature a small number of extra components (cards, tokens, etc)

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