PolyHero Dice are lovingly designed by Dann and Greg May.

We started our creative pursuit of imaginative dice creations in 2015, with a Kickstarter to produce the Warrior Set. The quest to create the Warrior Set was a big success, with the Wizard Set to follow. Now we turn our eyes towards the horizon, with an eye on expanding our range of dice to include all kinds of wonderful designs that celebrate our passion for tabletop games. The Rogue Set is currently in the late stages of production.

We've teamed up with Tabletop Tycoon to bring our designs to you. The Warrior and Wizard Sets are now available to purchase directly from our webstore, and through many hobby game stores. Also, be sure to look for the PolyHero booth at leading game conventions. 

If you like dice, we hope you'll join us on our quest!

Click Here for our growing scrapbook of behind-the-scenes images.


We hope you'll come see us at the following conventions!

PAX Unplugged - Philadelphia, PA — December 6th - 8th, 2019

PAX East - Boston, MA - February 27th - March 1st, 2020

Gen Con - Indianapolis, IN - July 30th - August 2nd, 2020

We’re recruiting Event ICs to help us at conventions! Apply here.



An unlikely hero approaches! The Rogue Set is a classic RPG 7-piece dice set, themed for a Rogue! The Rogue Set is a classic RPG 7-piece kit. d20 powder keg, d12 gem, d10/d100 loot bags, d8 crossbow bolt, d6 poison vial, and d4 dagger.

The Rogue Set is in the late stages of production and is now available for pre-order!


The Wizard, a hero with an unearthly power to channel, capture, or unleash the arcane forces of magic. The Wizard Set is a classic RPG 7-piece kit. d20 orb, d12 wand, d10/d100 potions, d8 scroll, d6 fireball, d4 bolt.

The Warrior, a hero with the guts to stand in the way of danger and take the hit. The Warrior Set is a classic RPG 7-piece kit. d20 shield, d12 helmet, d10/d100 gauntlets, d8 mace, d6 sword, d4 dagger.